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Our company, Rotex, specialises in an international transport with one of our branches located in London. Wanting to meet our clients’ expectattions and needs, we offer a wide range of HGV transport services fully tailored to their needs, requirements and expectations. Our fleet consists of 25 tractors and 30 extra large trailers (13.6 meters, 44.6 feet). We offer a wide range of load options ensuring a full compliance with safety and CO2 emission regulations. All our trucks are fully insured, equipped with the platform loading lifts, GPS locators to ensure that any cargo is delivered safely, efficiently and on time. We provide a very efficient HGV transport around London and at a very competitive rate. You choose what needs to be delivered and we do it for you anywhere in London.

The international transport and spedition that we offer at our branch in London is the service that we pride ourselves in, as over the years we have proved to be highly professional in delivering the highest quality. All our employees are experts in the field of transport, spedition and logistics. Their experience and knowledge gained over the years allows them to plan the fastest and the most cost effective routes to help our clients to save on the transport costs. You may be certain that all the cargo we deliver for you reaches the destination on time and without any delays. Meeting the deadlines and providing a comprehensive service are our driving factors, both around London and internationally.

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At our branch in London we offer the following international transport services:

  • Loose, part and full loads;
  • Dangerous goods transport and waste;
  • Temperature-controlled transport.
Rotex Transport - Car Transport
Rotex Transport - Car Transport

We guarantee:

  • Reliable transport and logistics service;
  • To deliver on time ensuring there is no damage to cargo;
  • The possibility of monitorining the transport through our GPS tracking system;
  • A full insurance protecting from unforseen incidents.

Our HGV transport London service/ offer includes:

• Transport of goods above 50kg;
• Spedition;
• Part and full load to be collected and delivered around London;
• Wide-load transport;
• Dangerous goods transport;
• Customer service available outside of working hours;
• Having your quotes ready within 15 minutes.

Rotex Transport - Car Transport

Our ambition is to constantly expand the service we provide, therefore we ensure that not only our fleet of HGV trucks increases regularly but also that our service goes beyond London, not being restricted to one area. Having a fleet of new HGV trucks allows us to deliver the highest quality transport. Having highly experienced drivers working for us makes it possible for the cargo to be safely and securely delivered within a fixed transit time. In order to meet our clients’ expectations and provide them with full satisfaction, all the transport services are tailored to their needs; therefore every time we deliver your cargo, we choose the most efficient means of transport. It is done to meet clients’ requirements and optimise the cost of transport. Realising that certain goods need to be delivered within restricted time limit, we operate in the quickest, moste effective way, but at the same time ensuring that all the safety regulations are met. We guarantee that any cargo will be delivered on time, to the specified destination and in its original condition. It is our priority to ensure that nothing that we cater for is damaged. From small businesses to large organisations, we add value to your supply chain with intelligent and flexible solutions that you can rely on.

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